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It is so sad, isn't it? The push for women (everyone!) to feel bad about themselves... just to keep the economy rolling along...


I don't get this at all. What's wrong with high heels? Unless you're talking about the maufacture then who cares? I do the best I can -- natural and organic foods, ecofriendly cleaners, mineral based sunscreen, but I live in the first world and don't want to grow and make everything for myself. I have other things to do. And I like high heels. I think looking pretty or having girl talk isn't necessarily anti-feminist. And after the 90s most feminismis anti-feminist. But what's choice in footwear got to do with the planet? I know lots of people who buy Birks because they've become as fashionable as SUVs.


I suppose the question is: *why* do women wear high heels? Ecopsychology isn't just about the environment... it's about our whole psychology and consumerism (and lots of other things). So if women are doing it to feel good about themselves (and don't care about posture/what feels comfortable) because they want to "fit in", appeal to men due to low self-esteem, then that's not a healthy way to be or to consume. If people are wearing Birkenstocks because they want to appear "green" or fit in with "eco" friends, then that's not a healthy way to be or to consume either. It's just that high heels are generally assumed to be related to sex appeal more than Birks are. ;)


well the link with consumerism and the environment is very clear, and green consumerism very confusing.

wearing high heels though, like footbinding and genital mutilation is painful and disabling, and perpetuated by women as necessary to femininity. Don't see why men would find them attractive unless they like women who can't run away.

But yes Eco Art you are right it is mostly about feminism, whatever that is. If most feminists are anti feminist what does it mean.

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